PAIH Newsletter June 2022
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Business mission to Egypt
business mission to Egypt
The Polish economic mission to Egypt has ended. The business trip to Cairo took place between 29.05 - 01.06 and was devoted to Polish-Egyptian relations. As part of the mission, the Polish-Egyptian Business Forum on economic cooperation between the countries was held. The meeting was attended by President Andrzej Duda, Prime Minister of Egypt Mustafa Madbuli and representatives of government institutions of both countries, including Zdzisław Sokal, Member of the Management Board representing the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, and representatives of Polish and Egyptian companies.

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Conference GO GREEN
... the conference "GO GREEN - Hydrogen solutions from Poland and Belgium"
On June 9th of this year, a Polish-Belgian conference on hydrogen technologies entitled "GO GREEN - Hydrogen solutions from Poland and Belgium" was held in Brussels. The conference was an opportunity to present the potential of Polish technological thought to the world as well as to establish contact with potential partners and investors.

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Congress 590
... PAIH's Participation in Congress 590
The 7th Congress 590 has ended. Behind us are numerous discussions, exchange of thoughts, views and experiences of Polish entrepreneurs, politicians, scientists, economic experts and representatives of government institutions, including the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

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The 2022 SLINGSHOT Competition
Deadline for applications: July 24, 2022
Where: online

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Premiere of the Made in Poland report
Premiere of the Made in Poland report
Poland is a good place to invest - according to the report "Made in Poland" created by JLL Polska in cooperation with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH), Hays and ALTO. The publication is a compendium of knowledge for investors from abroad about institutional support in Poland, legal and tax issues with an analysis of the real estate market, the manufacturing sector and the labour market. The aim of the report is to provide investors and producers with the necessary information, as well as tips on industrial investments in Poland.

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Chairman Krzysztof Drynda during a conference on cooperation with business to prepare for the resumption of exports and post-war reconstruction of Ukraine
In the first phase, Polish entrepreneurs will take part in consultations aimed at jointly creating the aims of the project. Such a solution will allow for the voice of Polish entrepreneurs to be heard and in the future will provide companies with support in the safe development of trade and activities for the rebuilding of Ukraine. Thanks to this solution, when the situation in Ukraine stabilizes, it will be possible to carry out actions based on ready-made, previously developed solutions.
Member of PAIH’s Management Board Piotr Dytko during the opening of the conference "GO GREEN - Hydrogen solutions from Poland and Belgium"
Hydrogen is increasingly penetrating into the consciousness of societies as an energy carrier of the near future. It is, like electromobility, a gradually developing megatrend that will revolutionize not only the living environment of people by significantly reducing the amount of harmful emissions, but above all will change the face of numerous branches of the economy through the use of hydrogen in various fields of production, transport and energy.
Member of PAIH’s Management Board Zdzisław Sokal during the grand opening of the Polish-Egyptian Business Forum
As the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, last year we served almost 130 Polish companies interested in exporting to Egypt or investing in this country. Almost 200 Egyptian entrepreneurs interested in cooperation with Polish entities also came to our office in Cairo. We are extremely happy to support such a large number of companies and help them expand into the Egyptian market.

Macroeconomic Review

Macroeconomic review 180, June 2022
We invite you to our monthly dose of macroeconomic analysis prepared on the basis of data from the Polish Central Statistical Office. More »

What's new in business

Polish-Kosovar Economic Forum
On June 6th of this year, the Polish-Kosovar Economic Forum was held in Pristina. During the event, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Kosovo Investment and Entrepreneurship Support Agency (KIESA) and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH). The agreement opens the way for cooperation between the two agencies, within the framework of their competences.
The Minister of Transport and Communications of Bulgaria Nikolai Sabev and representatives of the railway sector visit Poland
The study visit of representatives of the Bulgarian railway sector has ended. At the invitation of the Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk, the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Bulgaria Nikolai Sabev flew to Poland.

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