PAIH Business Brief April 2019
... new report: “Poland: Land of rising opportunities 2019”
PAIH alongside Kochański & Partners law firm are presenting a special report that is to encourage Japanese business to invest more in Poland.

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Japan – Central Eastern Europe Investment Awards and Summit
When: 25 April 2019
Where: Tokio, Japan
International Health Tourism & Services Expo Bangladesh 2019
When: 2-4 May 2019
Where: Bangladesh, India
1st Addis Chamber International Medical Trade Fair 2019
When: 9-13 May 2019
Where: Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
WorldFood Azerbaijan 2019
When: 15-17 May 2019
Where: Baku, Azerbaijan
Automotive Tech Summit
When: 21 May 2019
Where: Wrocław, Poland
5th Conference of the Cycle Forum of Best Rated Municipalities
When: 23 May 2019
Where: Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw Humanitarian Expo 2019
When: 11-13 June 2019
Where: Warsaw - Nadarzyn, Poland

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Monthly dose of Poland's macroeconomic analysis prepared on the basis of data from the Central Statistical Office. See the report >>


Senegal is an export destination for the Polish automotive sector
PAIH Foreign Trade Office in Dakar has conducted research, which shows that Senegal may become one of the most attractive export markets for Polish automotive industry, especially manufacturers of autoparts and accessories. Senegal imports 100% of cars and spare parts.
The fifth Polish company is entering Hungary this year with the help of Budapest PAIH trade office
Hungarian consumers appreciate Polish brands more and more. Only in the first quarter of 2019, five Polish companies marketed their products in Hungary. In expansion they were supported by the PAIH trade office in Budapest.
Izodom invests in Romania with the support of PAIH
Polish Izodom is one of the three suppliers of passive houses in Europe. Over half of its sales goes abroad. With the support of the PAIH trade office in Bucharest, Izodom establishes a second foreign branch business in the Romanian Cluj Napoca.
Polish innovations to conquer the Emirates and Kenya
40 Polish innovators can enter the markets of the UAE and Kenya with the support of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. The agency recommended for the grant among others: fintechs, edu-techs, the authors of an innovative airport lighting system and the solutions for telemedicine.
"Polish tastes" - promotion of Polish products in Ukrainian Auchan hypermarkets
PAIH foreign trade office in Kiev in cooperation with the National Center for Agricultural Support (KOWR) and Auchan Ukraine organized on 15-23 March this year in the Auchan hypermarket chain in Ukraine, promotion of Polish food products.


... Poland is the largest exporter of electric buses in the EU?
Electric buses are becoming a Polish export specialty. According to CSO data, in 2018 foreign customers purchased 131 electric buses in Poland for a total amount of PLN 231,8 million. For comparison: only 24 vehicles were sold last year, worth PLN 39,6 million. Poland sells electric buses mainly in European Union countries.

The prospects for Polish export of electric buses are promising. Governments of many countries and local authorities increasingly focus on protecting the climate and health of their citizens, introducing, among others, regulations promoting vehicles with reduced environmental impact and energy consumption. It also supports local initiatives in the creation of low and ultra-low emission zones, and encourages the introduction of electric buses in cities. As a result, more and more urban agglomerations in Europe (especially in Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy) are introducing or intending to introduce environmentally friendly, quiet and zero-emission public transport friendly to the environment and residents. In addition, forecasts for the future of the electric bus market inform about its dynamic development. According to Electric Bus Market 2013-2025, the global electric bus market will grow annually by approx. 17 percent.

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