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European Economic Forum - Lodzkie 2023
Organizer: Marshal's Office of the £ód¼ Voivodeship

Date and place: 12-14 June 2023, £ód¼

The European Economic Forum - Lodz 2023 is three days of debate at the highest level. Current topics and challenges posed by the geopolitical situation will be discussed, development trends will be analyzed. There will also be room to consider the impact of the economy on the environment and climate, green transformation.

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AutoEvent 2023
Organizer: Polish Chamber of the Automotive Industry

Date and place: 20-22 June 2023, Warsaw

The industry conference "AutoEvent" has been organized by the Polish Chamber of the Automotive Industry continuously since 2005. The participants of this largest annual meeting are representatives of companies supplying parts and components for the production of new cars (for the so-called first assembly), i.e. TIER1, TIER2, TIER3 and OEM. Among the participants are also companies involved in the production / supply of materials and parts, machines, devices, tools, robots, automation and software for the industry.

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Cybersec Forum/Expo 2023
Organizers: The Kosciuszko Institute, Digital3Seas, CyberOdporni

Date and place: 21-22 June 2023, Warsaw

The year 2022, marked by a brutal and unprecedented aggression against Ukraine, has shown the strength of unity and the need to constantly increase resilience. Looking to the future, participants will learn valuable lessons from the past. Therefore, activities in 2023 will be guided by the slogan PARTNERSHIPS FOR CYBER RESILIENCE.

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PAIH’s Chairman of the Management Board, Pawe³ Kurtasz, during the Polish-Emirati Economic Forum on May 25, 2023
Poland has made a huge economic leap in the last decades. Today, our offer is very competitive in the world, and the solutions offered by Polish companies arouse the interest of many investors and contractors. The United Arab Emirates is a country very open to supporting innovative technologies. I am glad that today Poland is a partner for the most economically and technologically developed countries in the world.

Macroeconomic Review

Macroeconomic review 191, May 2023
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What's new in business

Business France visits PAIH
The meeting with Business France representatives in PAIH’s office is a promise to increase economic cooperation. Business France is a French export and investment promotion agency established in 2015. The meeting took place on the 9th May as part of the visit of representatives of the French agency to Poland and establishing relations. The meeting at PAIH's Warsaw headquarters was one of the main points of the visit of Business France representatives to Poland.

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Consultation on "Reconstruction of Ukraine" - the market for machinery and equipment
Machinery and equipment is another sector covered by industry consultations as part of the series "Reconstruction of Ukraine", organized by the PAIH Foreign Trade Office in Kyiv. The meeting in PAIH’s Warsaw office with representatives of Polish companies and in a virtual form with the Ukrainian side was started by Aleksander Siemaszko, Deputy Director of the Department of Cooperation and Trade at the Ministry of Development and Technology.

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PAIH at Impact 2023
We have behind us 200 speeches in 23 thematic areas on 8 stages of Impact 2023, the most prestigious economic and technological event in Central and Eastern Europe, in which top managers from the largest global companies, politicians, outstanding scientists and world-class experts all take part. Among the more than 600 speakers, there were of course representatives of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency - Chairman Pawe³ Kurtasz and Member of the Management Board Grzegorz Oszast. Impact 2023 was an opportunity for numerous discussions, extensive networking and the promotion of the Agency's activities.

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An agreement concluded between PAIH and the Korean agency KIND
We have great potential to develop cooperation and together with our Korean partners we hope that we will make use of one hundred percent of it. A cooperation agreement was signed between PAIH and the Korea Corporation for Urban Development and Infrastructure KIND.

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Visa is to open its first global technology and product hub in Poland
Visa, one of the world's leading digital payments companies, plans to open a global retail and product facility in Poland, which will be the first project of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. The investment aims to support a 24/7 innovation development model and further drive the rapid growth of digital commerce and payments. The Polish Investment and Trade Agency supported the company throughout their investment process.

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Success of the Polish-Emirati Economic Forum
Our countries share huge potential for cooperation, willingness to develop modern technologies and a bold look into the business future. These were the conclusions of the Polish-Emirati Economic Forum, organized in Warsaw by PAIH and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Did you know that...

we talk to young people about business and leadership?
During Our Future Forum, which took place in Warsaw, PAIH’s Chairman Pawe³ Kurtasz talked about economic diplomacy that PAIH deals with. He talked about the prospects for people entering the labour market and the possibilities of building an international brand in Poland during the panel "Global business with Poland". Young participants of the forum also took part in the workshop "Economic diplomacy in practice".

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