PAIH Business BriefApril 2018
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Polish-American Business Summit
AmCham, US - Poland Business Council, the US Embassy, ​​and PAIH are inviting you to the Polish - American Business Summit. The event is the continuation of a series of economic meetings at the highest state level in Poland and the USA.

The topic of the Summit will be the investment and commercial rapprochement between Poland and the United States. The pretext for the discussion will be the debut of the report on American investments in Poland.

The Polish-American Business Summit will take place on April 26 in Warsaw, at Marriott Hotel.


2nd International Cooperative Trade Fair of Tools and Processing Industry INNOFORM®
When: 24-26 April 2018
Where: Bydgoszcz, Poland
Seminar "Egypt: Land of investment opportunities"
When: 8 May 2018
Where: Warsaw, Poland
POLAGRA FOOD International Trade Fair for Food
When: 8-10 May 2018
Where: Warsaw, Poland
The fair and conference REAL CONNECT 2018
When: 23 May 2018
Where: Warsaw, Poland
II Opole Forum "International economic relations"
When: 24 May 2018
Where: Opole, Poland
E-quality Forum
When: 24-25 May 2018
Where: Warsaw, Poland
The 6th annual CEE Manufacturing Excellence and Logistics Awards and Strategy Summit
When: 21 June 2018
Where: Warsaw, Poland

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Investment attractiveness

Business support

Warsaw joins Start Alliance business network
Warsaw joined the international network of innovative Start Alliance cities. The official launch of the cooperation took place during this year's Wolves Summit. Thanks to the partnership, Warsaw-based technological companies will receive support from partners in planning foreign expansion and raising capital. In exchange, foreign companies from member cities will be provide with comprehensive business services in Warsaw. The Polish Investment and Trade Agency is the contact centreof the Start Alliance network in Poland.

The Start Alliance initiative brings together urban innovation leaders from around the world. It cludes such innovative centres as: London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Shanghai, New York or Tel Aviv. The institution that introduced Warsaw to this elite group was Berlin Partner - an organization responsible for the development of the Start Alliance network. Polish capital is represented by three institutions that support innovation development in Poland: Polish Development Fund (PFR), Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) as well as Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP). The official inauguration of the cooperation took place in the presence of over four thousand startups from the Central and Eastern Europe region, participating in the Wolves Summit in Warsaw.

The Start Alliance's goal is to network the most innovative cities in the world and create a platform for innovative companies. Instead of competing with each other, firms obtain room to establish cooperation and build new, international relationships. Joining Warsaw to the network brings with it a number of benefits for entrepreneurs. Thanks to the cooperation, it will be easy to contact foreign start-ups from partner cities and potential investors. They will take part in industry events. There is also a free co-working space and consultancy in the field of taxes, law, staffing and migration issues in selected partner cities.

The initiative is co-financed from the European Social Fund under the IV. Priority axis Social innovation and transnational cooperation, Measure: 4.3 Transnational cooperation of the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020. More >>

Business in Brief

PAIH organises Poland’s participation in EXPO 2020
The Polish government appointed Tomasz Pisula, the President of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, as the Commissioner General of the Polish Section of the World Exhibition EXPO 2020 in Dubai (UAE).
EME Aero - new investment on the air map of the Podkarpacie region
In the area of the municipality of Trzebownisko, one of the most modern companies in the aerospace industry, which currently operate in Europe, will be erected. EME Aero company is a joint venture of Lufthansa Technik AG and MTU Aero Engines AG.
Igoria Trade to debut in Asia thanks to PAIH
WSE-listed fintech company Igoria Trade, at one of the Asian biggest trade fairs - Money 2020 Asia, announced the premiere of its multi-currency prepaid card.
AHK business case survey: Poland is still attractive, but the employees are wanted
In view of foreign companies surveyed under the 13th Business Journal of the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Indu­stry, AHK, Poland is a good place to invest - 1/3 of surveyed entre­preneurs (33.8%) assessed the outlook for the Polish eco­nomy in 2018 as better than last year.
Global IT services provider enters Poland
Computacenter, leading independent IT infrastructure service provider, today announced plans to strengthen its global service operations with a new facility in Poland. PAIH adviced the company with regard to the possible location.
Kenyan Business Newsletter - the newest project of the Foreign Trade Office in Nairobi
New, informative window for the world of East Africa - Nairobi Foreign Trade Office encourages subscribing to a new business newsletter addressed to everyone interested in the development of business relations with the region of East Africa.
Inauguration of Foreign Trade Office in Buenos Aires
Representation of Polish Investment and Trade Agency appear in a new place - PAIH Foreign Trade Office has just been launched in the Capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. Poland wants to mark its economic presence in the region by promoting bilateral economic relations with Latin America.
Poland’s bold display by Dubai Water Canal
Poland produces approx. 22 000 yachts annually and is the second biggest manufacturer globally in the 6-9 m. motor yachts category, following only USA. PAIH organized the Polish National Stand at Dubai International Boat Show 2018.

Reports and comments

WEI report: Barriers and difficulties for Polish companies in the EU
Warsaw Enterprise Institute, in cooperation with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, presented the report "Barriers and Obstacles for Polish Companies in the European Union". The aim of the publication is to draw attention to the obstacles that particular industries face in the European markets and to indicate a set of practical recommendations in the fight against European protectionism. The official presentation of the report was accompanied by a discussion with the participation of PAIH President, Tomasz Pisula as well as invited experts and business representatives.

When Poland entered the European Union in 2004, the turnover balance with the EU was negative - we were buying goods worth 6.6 billion PLN more than our exports to EU countries. Today, this data can only be viewed through the prism of historical analysis. In 2016, the value of Polish exports to EU countries amounted to 641.3 billion PLN and increased almost three times in relation to 2004.

These numbers are a measure of the success of Polish companies and employees. But it is also data showing how almost every Polish industry and many Polish companies can be effective. Our success is appreciated by most of the European countries and companies cooperating with Poland on a daily basis. The common market is still functioning perfectly, but in this architecture, unfortunately, there are more and more breaches. When the slogan "Capital has nationality" 10 years ago was repeated only by euro-skeptics, today for almost nobody is surprising or outrageous, but is even openly reproduced by the leaders of the largest states of the European Union. More >>

Do you know that…

PAIH shoots Foreign Trade Offices promotional material
We report from a film set in the most business attractive cities in the world, where our guides are the heads and experts of PAIH Foreign Trade Offices. So far we have visited Dubai, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Tokyo and Mexico. Nairobi and Frankfurt - still waiting in line. We will also visit the headquarters, factories and laboratories of innovative Polish companies that successfully conquer foreign markets. In a few months we will reveal the effects of our intensive work. Stay tuned!

Visit the PAIH website and learn more about the offer of Foreign Trade Offices: More >>

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