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The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) recognizes that each sector has its own specific nature and that investors operating in it have specific needs. This is why we prepare our offers, based on the needs of our clients and partners.

We concentrate on sectors in which investors are most interested. Our employees offer professional help and are in a position to assist in finding the best locations taking into consideration the needs and plans of a company’s development. Additionally we are able to provide in depth knowledge regarding specific Polish sectors.

Poland has at its disposal a highly qualified workforce; our workers are well regarded by their employers for their expertise, knowledge and industriousness. In many places there are many company's working in a specific sector, as a result, it is relatively easy to find sub-contractors.

All the above means that many company's have already invested in our country, both those that are giants in their field and those that are seeking favourable conditions for fast and safe development.

Find out more about the sectors with highest potential in the Polish economy:

If you’re interested in investing in a specific sector, don’t hesitate to contact us: invest@paih.gov.pl

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