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3rd Polish Economic & Technology Forum in Switzerland
3rd Polish Economic & Technology Forum in Switzerland
The 3rd Polish Economic & Technology Forum to be held on 18-19 September in Bern, Switzerland, will gather a wide spectrum of representatives of business, science and technology as well as institutional stakeholders from Poland and Switzerland.

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Our patronage

Polish-Senegalese Economic Forum
Organizer: Global Trading Innovation

Date and place: 11 July 2023, Warsaw

The Forum aims to strengthen economic cooperation between the two countries and to present to Polish companies the possibilities of cooperation with Senegal in the field of investment and trade. The event will be attended by 29 Senegalese companies interested in establishing cooperation in the following industries: food and food processing, agriculture, technology, cosmetics, import and distribution of office furniture, transport and logistics, fashion, restaurant equipment and mining.

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With Copernicus through the world
Organizer: The association "Polish Community"

Date and place: 17-23 July 2023, Lidzbark Warmiński

"He stopped the sun, he moved the earth", how close these words are to us... Words about a man from a country where a new course of history began. Their importance and significance can be felt on July 17-23, 2023 in Lidzbark Warmiński, where the Jubilee Youth Congress of Copernicus Camp will take place as part of the international project "With Copernicus through the world". The congress is another event of the celebration of the anniversary of the birth and death of the great explorer Nicolaus Copernicus, as well as a meeting of young people with scientists and prominent figures living in exile.

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Polboat Yachting Festival
Organizer: Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports POLBOAT

Date and place: 27-30 July 2023, Gdynia

Participation in the event was announced by leading Polish shipyards, yacht dealers, brokers and fixture manufacturers. The event will not lack the first presentation of units, sea trials, flyboards, scooters, jetboards and accompanying events.

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Paweł Kurtasz, Chairman of PAIH’s Management Board during the announcement of the Intel investment near Wrocław
The choice of Poland as a place to invest and at the same time build a key element of the European semiconductor industry is not accidental. It is proof not only of our country’s exceptional attractiveness for investment, its security, but also of a perfectly functioning investor support system.
Grzegorz Oszast, PAIH’s member of the Board during the Poland-Western Balkans business meeting
Despite various global turbulences, first the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and later Russia's aggression against Ukraine, the Polish economy is stable and constantly developing. This is due to the innovativeness and flexibility of Polish companies, but also to the environment conducive to business and the support provided it.
Paweł Kurtasz, Chairman of PAIH’s Management Board on the opening of PAIH's Polish Trade Offices in the country
We want to achieve two things, increase the recognition of PAIH among entrepreneurs as an institution supporting development on foreign markets and facilitate contact with us. Without internationalization, companies are not able to fully exploit their potential for development. Only entering foreign markets allows Polish business to spread its wings. We want PAIH to be a natural association for every entrepreneur who is thinking about expansion, regardless of the size of the company.
Marcin Fabianowicz, Managing Director of PAIH’s Investment Department on the Intel investment near Wrocław
We are glad that we could contribute to the construction of a new, extremely modern industry in Poland. We hope that this will be the beginning of a real investment boom in Lower Silesia, and that other technology giants will follow in Intel's footsteps and invest even more often in Poland.

Macroeconomic Review

Macroeconomic review 192, June 2023
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What's new in business

The Industrial Development Agency and The Polish Investment and Trade Agency were responsible for the preparation of the largest foreign direct investment in the history of Poland
On June 16th, 2023 Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Intel Corporation CEO Pat Gelsinger initiated the largest foreign direct investment in the history of Poland. The technology giant from Silicon Valley will invest nearly PLN 20 billion in the Semiconductor Integration and Testing Plant in Miękinia. The Polish Investment and Trade Agency and the Industrial Development Agency, in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Affairs and the Legnica Special Economic Zone, were responsible for substantive support for the investment, which opens a new chapter in the history of Polish industry.

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A delegation from Ningbo visits PAIH
Cooperation with partners from China is developing steadily and economic exchange is growing. PAIH’s experts talked today with a delegation from China's Ningbo about further prospects for the development of trade relations.

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PAIH supports innovative technologies in agriculture
In 2023, Mzuri World - a leader in the field of Agro-Tech and a manufacturer of the most modern agricultural machinery will complete the construction of a production plant at a cost of PLN 35 million. For the implementation of the investment, the company will receive a government grant, which was handled by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH). In 2022, the Agency completed twice as many Polish investment projects than it did in 2020.

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A delegation of the Sultanate of Oman visits PAIH
Poland and Oman can implement many joint projects. The areas of economic activity of both countries have many common points that we can develop in the coming years. These are the key conclusions from the meeting at PAIH’s headquarters with a delegation from Oman, headed by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Sultanate of Oman, His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa bin Ali bin Issa al-Harthy.

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Better and better economic cooperation. Poland-Kazakhstan Economic Forum
The Poland’s economic relations with Kazakhstan may become extremely fruitful for both countries, providing a gateway to a wider Polish presence in Central Asia and Kazakhstan in Europe. Kazakh business is interested and open to what Polish companies have to offer. This is how the Poland-Kazakhstan Economic Forum, which took place in Warsaw, can be summarized.

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The Kiev ZBH team with a working visit to Lviv
PAIH’s Foreign Trade Office team from Kiev visited Lviv on a working visit. Our representatives held a number of important meetings on Polish-Ukrainian cooperation in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

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The Poland-Western Balkans Business Meeting
The countries of the Western Balkans are open to cooperation with Poland and interested in mutual support in the development of their economies. Poland is one of their key partners and as such is perceived as becoming more and more attractive in terms of business. It is important to take advantage of the moment conducive to strengthening relationships. These are the most important conclusions from the Poland-Western Balkans Business Meeting, which took place today in Krakow with the participation of representatives of North Macedonia, Serbia, the Republic of Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro.

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An amendment to the Programme for Supporting Investments of Significant Importance for the Polish Economy for 2011-2030
At the beginning of June, the Programme for supporting investments of significant importance for the Polish economy was updated. The amendment ensures, among other things, easier access to grants for SMEs, lowering the requirements as to the size of the company and the location of the project, and introduces new investment evaluation criteria.

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we support Polish entrepreneurs by creating Polish Trade Offices in the whole of Poland?
PAIH is building a network of its trade offices in Poland, which are to be a tool to reach entrepreneurs and support them in starting foreign expansion. By modifying its organisational structure, the Agency is expanding its area of activity.

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