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Bielsko Technology Park of Aviation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation


The distinguishing feature of the Bielski Technology Park of Aviation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation is the dynamic development of infrastructure, services and cooperation opportunities offered to the Park's partners. Good location and extensive experience qualify the Technology Park to the group of key business partners, especially in the field of composites, technology, aviation, automotive and all innovative solutions.


The Technology Park is characterized by an excellent location and communication - it is located in the vicinity of the national road No. 1 connecting the south of Poland with the coast and near the A4 motorway connecting the western and eastern parts of Poland. The back of the Park is the Silesian agglomeration with its industrial and scientific potential. Part of the Technology Park is located in the city of Czechowice-Dziedzice, and the distance from other cities of the agglomeration is: Pszczyna 10 km, Bielsko-Biała 20 km, Tychy 30 km, Katowice 50 km, Kraków 80 km and 40 km from the border with the Czech Republic. Short distance from international airports, e.g. in Pyrzowice, Krakow and Ostrava are additional advantages for potential investors.


The Park offers cooperation in the field of:

  • renting space for activities related to: research and technological development, innovation and entrepreneurship, design, production, trade and various services;
  • co-financing new, interesting projects-ideas, in particular based on innovative technical and scientific thought, but also those distinguished by unconventional solutions in the service sector and in other sectors;
  • financial and economic advice for entrepreneurs starting their activity;
  • continuous availability and creation of new areas ready for investment activities;
  • competitive conditions for the construction of facilities for entrepreneurs according to the submitted specification;
  • rental of hangars and readiness to build new ones, with a standard requested according to demand;
  • training for drone pilots and operators.


Bielsko Technology Park of Aviation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
ul. Stefana Kóski 43
43-512 Kaniów
tel: +48 32 750 82 32
fax: +48 32 750 82 33
e-mail: parklotniczy@parklotniczy.eu

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