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Nowa Ruda Industrial Park


The mission of Nowa Ruda Industrial Park - Technology is to stimulate local businesses development and to gain external investment. We improve the skills of employees working in Nowa Ruda Industrial Park. Our surroundings provide qualified work force and young people potential.

The Park is divided into four investment areas:

  1. Business Incubator and e-business area (NPP1);
  2. small businesses, warehouses and stockrooms  area (NPP2);
  3. eco-energy area (NPP3);
  4.  sport, recreation and tourism services area (NPP4)


Nowa Ruda Industrial and Technology Park (NITP) is located in Nowa Ruda, district of Klodzko, Lower Silesia. The town of  Nowa Ruda is located on the shore of Wlodzica river, at the bottom of the Owl Mountains, and has over 23 thousand inhabitants. It's the second largest town in the district. Nowa Ruda is an industrial town in the area of past coal extraction. It has large tourism potential due to numerous recreation areas. It is also an important communication centre.

Targets of T-Park

Nowa Ruda Industrial Park offers parcels and areas for production, warehousing and administration purposes.

The investors who decide to set their operations in Nowa Ruda Industrial Park - Technology are granted the following benefits: lower business costs due to very convenient rates for rented areas; access to all media (energy, gas, thermal energy, water supplies and sewerage system with the access to wastewater treatment plant in Ścinawka Dolna, access to landfill with the capacity of 3000m2, phone network with Internet access); formal and legal services to obtain all administration permits; professional consulting to obtain EU funds

Business and Innovation Center (CBI):  The Business and Innovation Center was established in the premises of Nowa Ruda Industrial Park to organize conferences and business meetings, as well as provide accommodation and catering for our guests.

Nowa Ruda Technology Incubator (NIT): to provide support for technology transfer, innovation, conferences, seminars. Innovation and information services.

Additionally, a sub-section of Walbrzych Special Economy Zone "INVEST-PARK" Ltd is also available in Nowa Ruda.

Investment areas in Nowa Ruda-Słupiec "INVEST-PARK" sub-section.


Nowa Ruda Industrial and Technology Park
Regional Development Agency „AGROREG” Joint-Stock Company
ul. Kłodzka 27, 57-402 Nowa Ruda
e-mail: arr@agroreg.com.pl

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