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The Kamienna Góra Special Economic Zone for Small Businesses was established on September 9, 1997. The Special Economic Zone's area includes the following Poviats: Karkonoski, Kamienna Góra, Lubański, Lwówecki, Jelenia Góra, Milicki, Trzebnicki, Zgorzelecki, Kępiński, Ostrów and Bolesławiecki. The basic task of the Zone is to issue, on behalf of the minister responsible for the economy, decisions on support, which are the basis for granting public aid to economic entities in the area under its jurisdiction. The Special Economic Zone for Small Entrepreneurship S.A. in Kamienna Góra operates in 63 Communes, including 33 cities in the Dolnośląskie and Wielkopolskie Voivodships. The area covered is about 800 thousand ha, which is about 2.5% of the area of the whole of Poland and is inhabited by over 800 thousand residents. The Zone's area is in the south-western part of Poland near the border with Germany and the Czech Republic. The investment areas are located near important national and international communication routes: the S3 expressway, the A4 motorway and the A18 motorway.

Zone map: divided into Voivodships and Poviats
map of Poland
SEZ map

Advantages and successes of the Kamienna Góra SEZ:
  • investment areas located in the following Voivodeships: Dolnośląskie and Wielkopolskie,
  • proximity to the German and Czech borders,
  • developed transport infrastructure (S3 and S5 expressways, A4 and A18 motorways),
  • access to a qualified workforce,
  • a high standard of service for both domestic and foreign investors,
  • a developed region with industrial traditions,
  • competent employees.

  • The total amount of capital expenditure incurred by all companies operating in the Zone, from the date of its establishment till now: approx. PLN 3.7 billion
  • Total employment in the Zone: about 8360 jobs created
  • Leading sectors: automotive, rubber and plastic products, paper and paper products, services related to publishing

Major investors in the Zone:

Investor Country of origin Sector
Bauer Print Wykroty Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.
Joyson Safety Systems Poland Sp. z o.o. Luxembourg automotive
Wepa Piechowice Sp. z o.o. Germany stationery
Polcolorit S.A. USA ceramics
Dr. Schumacher Sp. z o.o. Germany cosmetics
Dr. Schneider Automotive Polska Sp. z o.o. Germany automotive
Toyota Boshoku Poland Sp. z o.o. Belgium automotive
Weber-Hydraulika Sp. z o.o. Germany metal
Autocam Poland Sp. z o.o. Netherlands automotive
Novoferm Door Sp. z o.o. Germany metal

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Zone Management

Special Economic Zone for Small Entrepreneurship S.A.
ul. Papieża Jana Pawła II 11A
58-400 Kamienna Góra
phone: +48 75 645 20 30
fax: +48 75 645 20 33
e-mail: zone@ssemp.pl

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